About us

Nezábudka Gallery, founded in 2004 by League for Mental Health in Bratislava, is contemporary art gallery whose activities are mainly focused on the creation of those who’s life had been influenced by mental illness. Although they don’t have any formal art education, art became new form of expression for them and at times even provided a new life purpose.


French artist Jean Dubuffet (1945) used the term art brut for the first time to label art by those outside of the norms of regular society, especially those who were mentally ill, visionaries or eccentric in various ways whose raw or innocent world vision he admired.
In turn, he sought to emulate these qualities in his own work, and in 1948 he established a society to encourage the study of Art Brut. This kind of art has also been referred to as “outsider art;” that designation has been applied to Dubuffet’s own work and that of Adolf Wölfli and others.

“By managing all aspects of our artists’ careers, we are able to effectively grow our clients’
profiles from the inside out and properly position them for long term success.
This is the Velvet Hammer philosophy.”